“How-to” Guide

Welcome to the Sunoikisis-Drama course!  There are two online platforms for the course.

Sunoikisis-Euripides blog site

This site is where we will share and discuss our written work.  The bi-weekly writing prompt will be posted here and this is where we will find the discussion threads. Each participant will write a response to the writing prompt and post it in their Tribe’s forum group.  Surveys will be used so the Tribe can decide which of their members’ response is the strongest.  Then the Tribe will work together to enhance and strengthen their Tribe’s post into a final response that will be shared with the larger community during a Google Hangout Common Session.  A survey to vote on which Tribe presented the strongest response will also be posted on this blog site after the Common Session.   Links to the other platforms and other resources will be posted here as well.

Get Started

  • Your log in credentials are your first initial and last name (e.g., bsmith) and you should have received your password via email from WordPress. To log in, see the link at the bottom right of the site under “Users”.
  • Once you log in to the site, you should be at your profile page. To change your password from the default, scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter a new password. Please do not forget to change your password. To get back to the site, click the site title in the upper-left corner of the page.

Google Hangout/YouTube

This is where we will meet for our Common Sessions every Wednesday night at 7 p.m. EDT. We will host the Hangouts from the Sunoikisis Google+ page and the videos will be uploaded to our course website. Every other Wednesday, a representative from each Tribe presents the group’s work to the larger community.

Get Started

Email Notifications

You will begin receiving messages from sunoikisis(at)chs.harvard.edu. Please add this address to your address book so that the messages do not go to your spam box.

If you wish to receive email alerts for assignments and announcements from the WordPress website, enter your email address on the right-hand sidebar of the front page. You will then receive an email from WordPress with a confirmation link.


Every other week, the Writing Prompt will be posted in each Tribe’s forum group, starting the “forum topic.”

Every Tribe member posts a 300-400 word response  to the Writing Prompt. A survey determines which post the Tribe thinks is the strongest.  Next, the Tribe works together to enhance and strengthen the post, providing comments and suggestions in the Tribe Chat Room.  The Tribe posts a final version of their response before sharing it with the entire community during a Google Hangout Common Session. A survey determines the strongest overall response among all the Tribes.

To create a response to the Writing Prompt, find your Tribe’s forum and click on the writing prompt of the week. Be sure to post within the topic; do not create a new topic. To post your first response to the prompt, select “reply” on the right-hand side of the Writing Prompt.